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Three on Thursday: Using the good

Three on Thursday: Using the good

I would say that yesterday was a snow day, but we didn’t have any snow. So I guess we’ll call it a temperature day? Anyway, my daughter had a temperature day from school yesterday. And while she was eating breakfast, I was overcome with the urge to clean the top half of my hutch. I started hand washing a few of my dishes and my little entrepreneur asked to wash everything for some chore money. Sure! So we cleaned EVERY dish in the top part of my hutch yesterday morning, and she didn’t break a thing. Which is impressive for a 5-year-old cleaning some pretty delicate pieces. Anyway, it got me thinking about using the “good stuff” because…

Some of the things we washed are these beautiful “television snack plates” that my parents found in my grandma’s basement after she passed away. I don’t think any of us remembered ever seeing them, which means I think they were put away for “good.” Then my parents had them in their attic for a while, until my mom suggested I take them last year. I did, and we ate off of them once for fun, and then I stored them in a laundry room cabinet (What?  You don’t store dishes in your laundry room? It was the only place I had a totally empty cabinet for 16 plates and cups in boxes.).  And yesterday, I decided that what we really needed was to make room for them in the hutch so they are accessible because my girl and I are going to eat our afternoon snack on them every day. Because they are beautiful and remind me of a sunshine. And wouldn’t it be a beautiful memory for my daughter that we had fancy snack time together every day on vintage plates? So yesterday we ate our decidedly un-fancy snack of applesauce and cheese on these beautiful plates. 

We also washed all of my “wedding dishes” which is what I call the fancy dishes we registered for when we got married. We very rarely use these, mostly because for the first couple of years we were married, I insisted they be hand washed even though they are dishwasher safe because they were “too nice.” This put us both off using them, because who wants to wash more dishes? In the past couple of years I’ve eased up and we put them in the dishwasher now, but we still primarily use them for our Christmas Eve dinner. My new goal is to use these for every dinner, and we’ll use the “everyday” dishes for breakfast and lunch. Then everything gets used!

Lastly, I am just in general swearing off keeping anything “for good.” I am in the process of organizing the house (like a tornado!) and I have found so many things that are hanging around that are doing no one any good. Especially things I kept in pristine condition because they would be “worth something.” I have yet to find a single thing I’ve kept that’s worth any more than what I paid for it originally. So they are all finding new homes – either by selling them or donating them to a local organization. 

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  1. I’m always torn about my wedding china too. I’d love to use it more but… don’t want to risk breaking it and if we used it daily, it would no longer be ‘special’ and I’d feel compelled to go out and buy another set of ‘special’ Christmas plates….

    As for the other ‘special’ stuff in the house, I firmly believe in using it. Except for the candles. Whenever it’s storming and the lights flicker and my husband lights a ‘special’ candle…. I go ballistic. Apparently I have a thing about not using the ‘special’ candles.

    1. I thought about what happens if it breaks A LOT when I was letting my daughter help me wash up! 🙂 I came to the conclusion that if it breaks, at least that means I was using it and enjoying it. And there is always replacements.com or eBay to fill in if I need it to! They don’t make my pattern of dishes any more, but my mom was able to find some additional pieces on eBay when I wanted to supplement my collection (because I always had more company than plates at Christmas!).

      And special candles – I get you! I had a few special candles for YEARS, and I never, ever lit them! I don’t have them any more – I only strictly buy boring white tea lights and tapers that I would never notice if it was replaced.

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