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Three things: Organizing the craft room

Three things: Organizing the craft room

A while back, I wrote a post about KonMari and crafting. I’ve had a bit of a love-hate with this method (I regret some of the clothes I got rid of in my initial zeal after reading the book), but I do love the folding techniques and the feeling of space it opens up. My craft room (everywhere – not just the closet) has gotten out of control, and the first thing on my to-do list this year is get it back in shape. Here are three little parts of the room that I’ve worked on:

Our memory boxes. We keep several acid-free photo boxes full of things we’d like to keep – mostly cards and our daughter’s drawings. My husband and I went through all of these this week, and got rid of A LOT. We had kept basically every card we’ve given to each other for the pasts 12 years, and we decided it wasn’t really necessary. We kept ones for special occasions (like our 1st anniversary) or more personal ones. The rest of them went to recycling. I also ordered a school memory book with pockets (which has been on my list for a while), so we can separate out our daughter’s school work and keep it all in once place.

Buttons. I asked over on Instagram for suggestions regarding button storage, but the answer ended up coming from my dinner table! My husband suggested threading together the matching ones so I could take them out of the bags or off the cardboard. My daughter suggested two containers – one for matching ones and ones for singles. I loved both ideas, found a divided basket and organized those buttons! (before and after in picture above)

Embroidery floss. My previous embroidery floss storage was all of it together in a Ziploc bag – which meant a lot of mess. I got an embroidery floss organizer for Christmas, and every time I find more embroidery floss (where does it keep coming from???) I take the time to wind it and store it properly.

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